Schade Vineyard & Winery
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Located just one mile west of Volga, SD

21095 463rd Avenue
Volga, SD 57071



The first planting of vines was started in 1999 with Valiant and Frontenac grapes. Additional Frontenac, St Croix, Concord, and Kay Gray grapes have been planted, bringing our vineyard to over 1,000 producing vines. Schadé Vineyard buys additional grapes and other fruits from area growers, all within 200 miles of the winery.

Wine production in 2001 was over 300 cases, in 2008 wine production reached 4,000 cases. Schadé wines can be found over 150 retail locations across South Dakota. Please call us to find one nearest you.

Schadé Vineyard Video - Watch this short video to tour the vineyard and experience the wine making process.

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Shelf Talkers for Schadé Wines

We do offer a 10% discount when you buy a case (12 bottles) of wine. Discount not available on shipping orders.
Always check out our Bargain Wagon!

15th Anniversary Signature Red A full-bodied, semi-dry red wine.
15th Anniversary Signature Red A full-bodied, semi-dry red wine.
Aces & Eights A full-bodied, dry red wine.
Dakota Red This is a medium bodied, semi-dry red wine
Oakwood Red A semi-sweet red wine with a zesty, fruity finish

A refreshing semi-dry wine, can be served with all types of food.

Prairie Star Crisp dry white wine
Tawny A delightful after-dinner port style wine made from a blend of grape and elderberry wines, honey, andfortified with brandy
Apple A sweet wine made from apples harvested in late September
Black Chokeberry A semi-dry red fruit wine with a nutty finish. Made from the aronia berry – “King Kong” of antioxidants!
Buffaloberry A light, fruity wine made from wild buffalo berries
Cherry A light, semi-dry, full-flavor of tart cherries with a smooth and slightly spicy finish
Chokecherry A semi-sweet red fruit wine with a crisp, bold taste
Cranberry A light, semi-dry, full flavored wine
Elderberry A full-bodied, semi-sweet red fruit wine that is high in antioxidants
Honey A sweet, light bodied wine with a bold finish
Pear A smooth, semi-sweet wine with a subtle taste of pear
Plum A semi-sweet wine with a light fruity bouquet and taste
Raspberry-Apple A fresh, fruity wine with a light finish
Rhubarb A sweet wine with the distinct taste of rhubarb
Strawberry Rhubarb A light, sweet, fruity wine
Christmas Pleasure A full flavored red wine with a smooth finish
White Christmas A full bodied white grape wine

SHIPPING: We can ship to MOST states. It’s best for customers to email us: OR call us directly (605) 627-5545. We can call for credit card information.
COST: There is the expense of the wine purchased plus a flat shipping rate, based on number of bottles.
No discounts on case purchases for shipping.

It is recommended to refrigerate all wines after opening.